Confident and strong single parenting!


Your CMD! Coach-Mentor-Discipler

As someone who has walked the single parent and blended family road, I understand.  

As your coach, my role is to help you discover and clarify your values, goals, and dreams.  

As your mentor,  I will share my experience in parenting and relationship skills that have proven successful.  

As your discipler, I will model God's principles, and point you to the perfect Father, Counselor, Friend, and Lover of your soul.  

You have choices. Where do you want this journey to take you?  


First Step - Assess and make a plan.

We have a picture in our minds of what we want our families to look like.  Yet, wishing and hoping will not make it happen.  We will first sit down and talk about your dreams for you and your family.  Let's put those dreams into doable action steps.  See the picture come alive!


Step Two - Put your plan to the test.

God does not call us to perfection in any area of our lives, just faithfulness!  We will talk about what that means for your parenting, your family, and your social life. The second step is working the plan and tweaking, as needed, for each child or situation in your life.


Step Three - Trusting the Way.

When you choose to live God's way,  you will make your plans, and God will direct your steps, As your CMD, I will be your cheerleader and will help you stick to your goals and get around any obstacles

What Single Parents are saying...


LeAnn Baros

Stacey has been a godsend during this 5 year journey with God.  She was a supportive coach while I was a single mother of two teenage boys, an empathetic mentor as I began to date well and transition from single life into marriage, and a passionate discipler pointing me to Christ in every situation. Stacey has a true heart for God and a desire to help others live a life pleasing to God.


From a text:  Hi, need to share this with you. I was about to do something stupid and then I thought of you telling me that sometimes it is the Evil (one) that confuses us.  So I decided to do something different and I start(ed) to check on the ladies in our group. It turned out to be a nice and very pleasant night.  You are always with me and I am very thankful to God for that. Love you.

Stacy Grant, LPC

Stacey Jeannett is not only passionate about single parenting and blended families but brings tremendous wisdom and her own personal experiences into her ministry.  I highly recommend her workshops, small groups, and coaching sessions.  You will find Stacey to be insightful, encouraging, candid, and resourceful.  Don't hesitate to reach out!


Adopting a child as a single parent was God’s plan for me, but included  in that plan was the wonderful friendship I have with Stacey and Tom.  They welcomed my daughter and me with  open, loving arms. They helped me understand that there is no perfect  child, nor perfect parent…but that we have a Perfect God! Their ministry  and love for the single parent has been a huge blessing in our lives. Single parents face a multitude of issues,  and their ministry addresses them with God’s Word as the foundation for  solving those issues with grace and forgiveness in the midst of the  daily challenges, putting our trust and faith in the perfect parent, our  Heavenly Father!

Mike Field

Single parenting is not for the faint of heart.  It is one of the most overwhelming things.  Especially trying to parent as you are going through loss or divorce.  My saving grace came in the form of Proactive Single Parenting.  Stacey and Tom Jeannett were teachers, mentors, and friends.  The  Biblical content and support they provided made all the difference and  resulted in me following a path that allowed my kids to come through divorce better than I ever imagined possible.  It kept me from making mistakes I would have made without their hearts for Christ, their leadership, and example.  From your first discussion with Stacey or Tom you will know there is hope.  


I was a member of the Proactive Single Parenting class lead by Stacey for many years.  

This  class helped me grow closer to Jesus and changed my life.  We did  different studies not just focused on raising children.  I learned not  only parenting skills but also people skills which helped me be a better  person.  We also did some dating studies.  I was blessed to go through  one when my husband and I started dating.  Doing this together helped us  be open and we could "blame" the book when it was a tough topic.

I  am so thankful for Stacey's vision and passion for helping the single  parent community.  I don't know what turn my life would have taken  without her leadership. 

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